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    Outreach activities
    Awareness campaign
    our scholarship recipients went to four high
    schools in Assahoun, Badja, Kévé and
    Noépé to talk to them about realities of
    student life, how to prepare to enroll in
    university on time. This awareness campaign
    sponsored by BSBIZTOGO, Inc., was supported
    by a fundraising organized by the head
    of https://www.myafricainfos.com.
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    Training workshop
    Village du Bénin, Lomé Campus
    The challenges of time management in the age
    of social media” for our grantees and their
    peers and other students.
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    Family Photo
    Brad with ASU Members
    Brad, in family group photo with ASU
    Executives and members during 2018 Annual
    Meeting of African Student Union, K-State
    University, Manhattan, KS
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    Brad, talking
    Story time at ASU Meeting
    Brad K. Hounkpati, Chairman of Grain de Sel
    Togo, Inc.: speaking at 2018 Annual Meeting
    of African Student Union, K-State University,
    sharing his insights as Fulbright Scholar and
    the story of his organization
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    Chairman of GDS
    Speaking at ASU Meeting
    Brad K. Hounkpati, receiving certificate of
    appreciation from Sara and Ralph, at 2018
    Annual Meeting of African Student Union,
    K-State University, Manhattan, KS
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    TOC members
    Togolese of Charlotte
    Board members of Togolese of Charlotte,
    attending GDS's 5th Anniversary
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    Dr Amengonou
    GDS's 5th Anniversary
    Dr Amengonou, speaking at the celebration of
    GDS's 5th Anniversary on the contribution of
    the diaspora to the development of Africa
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    Dr Philip Rakita
    Treasurer of Fulbright Association
    Thanks to Dr Philip Rakita, attending the
    celebration of GDS's 5th Anniversary. He is
    the Managing Director of Armour Associates,
    with offices in North Carolina and Paris,
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    GDS’s 5th Anniversary
    Thanks to our guests
    Joint celebration of Togo's Independence Day
    and 5th Anniversary of GDS in North Carolina
    in collaboration with the Togolese of
    Charlotte and distinguished guests.
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    Our guests at GDS5
    GDS's 5th Anniversary
    Celebration of 5th Anniversary in Charlotte,
    NC. Thanks to our guests, making this event a
    great success with their enthusiasm and
    positive spirit.
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    Career development
    The Chairman speaking on Students
    self-promotion: the power of internet
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    GDS’s 4th Anniversary
    Grantees and Staff in Togo
    .... celebrating the 4th anniversary of Grain
    de Sel Togo, Inc at DIFOP, campus of
    University of Lomé (Togo).
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    Anfoin 2015
    Community Services
    Grantees and Staff in Togo conducting
    outreach activities at Anfoin High School
    (Lycée d'Anfoin): speaking about the
    required paperwork for university enrollment.
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    Workshop in Togo
    Career development
    Making sure grantees of Grain de Sel Togo Inc
    and their peers are ready and well prepared
    to land in job markets: Career development
    workshop at American Corner, Université de
    Lomé. Thanks to the Lomé U.S. Embassy for
    their assistance.

Technical Assistance

Providing subsidized computers, projectors, and printers and various electronic devices to grantees, select

Online University

Through this online teaching portal or Online Free University of GDS (ULGDS), online courses are offered to

Career development

Each year, GDS organizes training workshop for grantees and selected students along with professionals.


Grain de Sel International, Inc. is committed to sustaining the educational experience of needy students en

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