September 30, 2015
IT Director
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Inspired by the Fulbright Program, founded in 1946 by the US Senator from Arkansas J. William Fulbright, who promulgated the Exchange Fulbright, considered to be one of the most prestigious scholarships programs in the world ;

In recognition of the efforts of the US State Department to ensure the quality and excellence of the Fulbright scholarship and affiliate programs;

Based on this prestigious model;

Convinced that supporting needy but also outstanding and motivated students in public universities will ensure the continuity of of the culture of academic excellence and lead to a new form of leadership;

Believing that Africans themselves can also contribute to the promotion of education in Sub-Saharan countries, setting themselves as leadership role models;

A group of Fulbright Fellows from Togo, while studying in US universities, decided to create – on this  day of 27th of July, 2013 – a scholarship called Grain De Sel / Grain of Salt (GDS) to support needy students – who should meet a number of criteria.

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